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Welcome to the home of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association

The L.C. Smith shotgun is an American classic and is unquestionably one of the finest shotguns ever made. The L.C. Smith Collectors Association was formed to (1) stimulate and educate members and the public in their knowledge of the history and production of the L.C. Smith shotgun, (2) encourage the value of good sportsmanship to shooter and collector members and the public, (3) promote a positive, responsible use of firearms to members and the public, and (4) encourage creation of an L.C. Smith museum.

The L.C. Smith Collectors Association provides this website to members and nonmembers. However, we encourage you to become a Member by clicking on Membership Signup tab to the left, pick your membership type, fill out the form, then choose your payment method (on line credit card or snail mail with a check). As a member you will be able to enjoy all of the sections of this web page, the L.C. Smith Journal, and all of the other benefits associated with membership. Your membership will start as soon as we receive payment, instantly with the credit card or as soon as we receive your check in the mail.

Summer 2024 L.C. Smith Journal

As a member you will be able to enjoy exploring all of this website to learn more about the rich history and many grades of the L.C. Smith shotgun. It will be especially valuable if you are searching for information about the L.C. Smith you inherited from your grandfather, the one you have been shooting for many years, or the one you have just acquired or are thinking about purchasing. One of the MEMBERS ONLY benefits in the L.C. Smith Collectors Association is that you may request basic information, such as original barrel length or options (basic information DOES NOT include date of manufacture), about a shotgun by emailing the serial number (including all letters), grade, and gauge along with your questions to Jim Stubbendieck. Members may request up to five serial number checks each calendar year. The LCSCA provides no information on value. As a MEMBER you may request a complete Research Letter. Follow the directions on the form and mail a $50 check. As a NON-MEMBER you may request a Research Letter. Follow the directions on the form and mail a $75 check. Both members and non-members may submit an electronic request.

To obtain all of the existing information about your shotgun, the Research Division of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association can search the factory production records and can provide this information in an original looking factory letter. Order a Research Letter by completing the form and making payment. The new Blue Book of Gun Values estimates having a research letter adds an additional $100 to the value of any L.C. Smith shotgun.