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(adapted from Frank Finch’s Wishes Do Come True, Volume 2, Issue 3, L.C. Smith Speaks for Itself)

W.H. Baker and L.C. Smith, Syracuse, NY

One of the pillars of The L.C. Smith Collectors Association’s mission statement is to “Stimulate and educate members and the public in their knowledge of the history and production of the L.C. Smith shotgun”. Most of the serial numbers of L.C. Smith shotguns crafted in Fulton, NY are available. However, serial numbers from the company’s beginning through 1888 are not available. According to Col. Brophy in L.C. Smith Shotguns , information is missing on the estimated 9,491 W.H. Baker guns (two and three barrel guns) and 6,223 for L.C. Smith shotguns made in Syracuse, NY. Nearly 16,000 early guns are without factory records!

With your help PLEASE and the very generous offer of two of our members, a data base will be created that will provide knowledge about these great early shotguns. Daryl Hallquist and J. David Williamson are gathering data on these early guns from everyone willing to provide information. Daryl is capturing information on the W.H. Baker Company, W.H. Baker, Baker, and L.C. Smith Maker of Baker Guns. David is concentrating on the L.C. Smith hammer and hammerless guns made in Syracuse. The serial number range was about 10,000 to 22,500, and "Syracuse, NY" was marked on the barrel top.

Syracuse shotguns

Requested Information:

  1. W.H. Baker or L.C. Smith
  2. Serial number
  3. Hammer or hammerless
  4. Grade/quality
  5. Gauge/caliber
  6. Barrel length and type of steel (indicate if it is a three-barrel gun)
  7. Type of butt plate
  8. Engraving and special features

L.C. Smith Single Barrel Trap (SBT) Shotguns

Tom Breeden is collecting information on L.C. Smith Single Barrel Trap (SBT) shotguns. If you would like to have your SBT documented with the LCSCA, Please provide the following information:

  1. Grade
  2. Serial Number
  3. Barrel length
  4. Beads (1 or 2 ivories?)
  5. Stock description (straight, half pistol, full pistol)
  6. Type of pad
  7. Forend escutcheon (banjo, square, or Curtis push button)
  8. Type of trigger return spring (presence or absence of the end of a small screw near the right front of the trigger)
  9. Please also include an estimate of originality and anything that you would consider unusual; the usual being two ivory beads on the barrel, ejector, a stock without a cheek piece and a banjo or square forend escutheon.

For individuals who are not members of the LCSCA, Tom welcomes your input as well and suggests that there are many advantages to being a member of our association, our informative Journal and this compilation being only two. The database will become part of the LCSCA records and will be without owner's names. Our desire is only to document the guns.

Please use the email links below to send requested information to the appropriate person.

Hammer and Hammerless Guns
made by the W.H. Baker Company
W.H. Baker, Baker, and
L.C. Smith Maker of Baker Guns

Daryl Hallquist

Hammer and Hammerless Guns
made by L.C. Smith
in Syracuse, NY

J. David Williamson

Single Barrel Trap (SBT)

Tom Breeden