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Posting a Picture to the Forum

Posting images became more difficult in 2017 when Photobucket  initiated a fee for 3rd party posting. 

Another option is to use IMGUR
1. Open a free account using your e-mail and a password. 
2. Go into your account, click "images." 
3. Click option "add images." The site will offer the opportunity to "drag" or "browse." 
4. Click "browse" ... the site will show you your computer's menu. 
5. Navigate to where your picture is located, 
6. Double click your picture and/or click "open". The picture will then be added to your imgur folder.

To get the picture from your imgur folder and then post it on the Forum. 

1. Click the picture in your imgur folder. You will see a bunch of code options on the right. Look at the bottom one... bbc... subtitled "message board." 
2. Right click inside that code box, hit "copy." You will be copying a line of code starting with [url...
3. Go to the thread where you want your picture posted, position cursor where you want the image to appear, right click, paste...code is copied into your post. 
4. Click "Preview" to confirm the image was uploaded properly.
5. Click "Post" and you are done.  

Another possibility is to use PictureTrail . You must register to become a member and will then log in with your password. 
First, post your photographs in an album then click on 'Image URL's.' Next, click on Forums [IMG] Tag followed by Ctrl-C. 
Then, go to the Forum thread (posting) and click Ctrl-V within the 'Message box' where you wish the image to appear. 
Again, check 'Preview' to be sure it worked.

Hints on taking photographs:
Good barrel, receiver, and wood photographs are difficult to take. The closer you can get, the better. Set your camera on 'Macro' and use a steady rest.
The best backgrounds are solid (not patterned) grey or blue. It's hard not to get a flash reflection when the photograph is taken inside, so photos are best when taken with filtered sun (just slightly overcast) outside. Orient the barrels horizontally rather than on a diagonal (hard to crop). Center that part of the gun you wish to demonstrate. Several close up shots are much better than showing the entire gun. 
You might use white chalk or white China Marker (also called a grease pencil) to make Barrel Markings stand out in the images.

Check Dr. Drew's Pictures for good examples.